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Gen dances to Old Joe Clark,Sedgefield Festival 2012

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Duration: 00:02:12
It was great to try playing banjo for a dancer for the first time at Sedgefield Folk Festival Sept 2012. Lovely people, great concerts and relaxed singaround...
09/06/12 10:50:43AM @foggers:

9.gif Thanks Lisa!

You are right - there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than making your own entertainments with like minded folks!

09/06/12 10:47:53AM @strumelia:

This is a perfect example of how great it is for people to just get together and make home made music together- instruments, percussion, singing, dancing.... it's all wonderful mixed together.

The banjo and feet are a terrific pairing.

Loved the huge burst of applause at the end!

09/06/12 10:23:22AM @foggers:

Hi Mandy yes it ISa Gold Tone WL250 - lovely banjo to play!

And Robin, I think the dance board is essential. This lady had done all kinds of folk dancing for years and now absolutely needs the board as a springy surface to dance on in order to protect her joints after a LOT of ops. So MArion, you might want to ask your lovely husband for a dance board for you too!

Robin Clark
09/04/12 02:45:03PM @robin-clark:

Hey that's great Foggers - I'd love to join you with an MDGrin.gif

(And it has given me an idea for a Chrismas pressie for Ann - she keeps saying she'd like to learn to clog3.gif I'd need to work out how to wrap upthe dance board in christmas paper though 40.gif )

09/04/12 02:27:32PM @mandy:

Great stuff Grin.gif Grin.gif Grin.gif . Awesome sounding banjo too (i have a gt wl-250 also). Not positive from the tiny pic but it looks like mine anyway. Great job!

09/04/12 06:51:50AM @foggers:

So glad you enjoyed it! I met this lady when we arrived at the festival on the Friday at 4ish, and we did this once that evening. So at the final Sunday singaround my OH recorded this second attempt. It is good discipline to play for a dancer and I'd like to do it more often!

Cheryl Johnson
09/03/12 04:26:45PM @cheryl-johnson:

Yeeehaaaa! That was great! I love to clog almost as much as I love to play the music.

Dana R. McCall
09/03/12 04:25:58PM @dana-r-mccall:

That was so much FUN your playing was great and the cloggers was so much fun to watch. I did a little clogging when i was younger and wish I still could now, but my knees just won't let me. I could watch all day.Grin.gif

Nancy Holthus
09/03/12 04:11:24PM @nancy-holthus:

Awesome! Loved your banjo playing and your clogger was a gem...I tried taking clogging lessons when I was youngerFrown.gif brain and feet just couldnt work fast