Milford Blevins Bass dulcimer. How do I tune this thing

Robin Thompson
7 months ago
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The instrument sure has a cool vibe-- I like it! 

Robin T
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7 months ago
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I've seen plenty, but haven't heard one. I guess you need to let us hear a sound clip? We have several pieces at the Museum of Appalachia displayed and it is said he was a war hero and his people settled here during the Daniel Boone era?

7 months ago
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this is SUCH a beautiful well made dulcimer.  I love the carvings, the shape and the lovely top.  I wish I could hear it played.  You have a jewel of an instrument there.  aloha, irene

Estes George
7 months ago
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The photos really don't do justice to the size of this thing! 44 inches long, 12 inches at it's widest, 3 inch deep body, 6 string. It is touted as a bass dulcimer, to what should I be tuning this too??

 Going to try and do a sound clip after I figure it out a little more, but have to bring someone in to help me do that, technologically challenged here!!

 Thanks all!!

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