Thanks to our FOTMD welcoming "Greeters"!

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Special members greeting new members -


Ballad Gal
Ballad Gal
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Thanks much, guys!

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On behalf of all site members, I just wanted to give a hug of appreciation to our wonderful VOLUNTEER Welcome Wagon here on FOTMD.

Our "Greeters" post warm welcome comments on the profile page of every new member who joins the site. They do this simply because they know how good it feels to receive a friendly post or two on your page when you first join.  Our greeting team puts the "friends" in Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer, and they do it out of their own kindness.

I'd like to add that there are no special requirements for joining them as a FOTMD "Greeter"- you just have to love people and make a friendly welcoming comment on new members' profile pages with some regularity- whenever you feel you can. If you'd like more info just catch FOTMD Moderator Jim Fawcett early on most mornings in the ChatRoom here on FOTMD.  To open the Chat, click the blue "quote bubble" button at bottom right of any page on the site.

Let's all give our thanks to our site's current Welcome Wagon Team!:




























RStreib with dulcimer1.jpg




























Rob on stage.jpg













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