Dulcimerville Euphoria

John Keane
5 years ago
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Randy, we enjoyed seeing you again VERY much! Thanks for everything you bring to an event like Dulcimerville. It's folks like you who make it what it is! We miss ya already!

Barbara P
5 years ago
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Oh Randy, I can feel your enthusiasm! I sure hope I can get there next year. Boy, that would be amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us!Smile.gif

Carrie Barnes
5 years ago
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Randy, sounds as though it was a great time! Wasn't able to make D'ville this yearFrown.gif, but it sure is on my list for next year. As others have already posted, I'll just have to enjoy D'ville 2012 thru your description here!Grin.gifThanks for sharing your experiences with us all!

Robin Thompson
5 years ago
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Your time at Dulcimerville sounds delightful. (I have an idea of some of what you're feeling because I was privileged to go to Don Pedi's retreat last month; Don is a treasure!)

If I ever get to Dulcimerville, you're one of the first people I'd be searching-out!6.gif

Robin T
one of the Moderators here :)
Keep a song in your heart!
5 years ago
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Randy, thanks so much for sharing all this with us so we can enjoy the thrill along with you. Sounds wonderful!

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Rob N Lackey
5 years ago
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Randy, it sounds like you might have had a great timeGrin.gif. Wish I could have been there, but week-long seminars are just not do-able for me right now. So I'll just live vicariously through the descriptions you and others have given. Maybe next year will be different, but right now, it doesn't seem like it will beFrown.gif.

I'll have to get Phyllis's book. Love her playing and the sound of the traditional Galax dulcimer


Dusty Turtle
5 years ago
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Someday, Randy, when family, work, and money allow it, I hope to be one of those new friends you meet at Dulcimerville. Everyone seems to returnwith such wonderful stories of music and friendship.

Dusty T., Northern California
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Randy Adams
5 years ago
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What? Did a week really go by that quickly? What just happened?

Got home from Dulcimerville last night and am still euphoric. Replaying in my mind all the wonderful moments from the week, trying to lock them into my memory so I'll never forget them.

It's a dulcimer festival alright, but it's so about the good people, the camaraderie, the old and new friends, giggling with Linda Brockington and Sarah Morgan and their friends at 1 in the morning! I met 2 new friends, Jay and Jane, who will be my friends for as long as I'm on this earth. John and Karen Keane are the real deal. Genuine goodhearted and fun people who are serious about the dulcimer, good players and entertainers.

I've got to get one of those Galax dulcimers! I was fortunate to spend enough time with Phyllis Gaskins to get a handle on some of the basics of her style. She is such a great player and so much fun to play the tunes with. I bought her new book and it is chock filled with information: Galax dulcimer history, playing tips, her observations on almost 40 years of playing the style, pictures of old dulcimers.

I cherish being privileged to play the tunes with Don Pedi and Joe Shelton and am humbled to be in their musical presence and am honored to be their friend. They know so many rare, complex and historically significant tunes. Don is a one of a kind entertainer and is so generous sharing the tunes.

Thanks to Lois, and Marie, for a truly memorable week. Looking forward to next year!

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