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Edsel Martin sample

Edsel Martin sample

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More random noise. Real songs coming soon. (I hope)
Estes George
03/14/17 08:37:54PM @george-desjardins:

Well thank you Marg, Nice  way to put it, I have fun, makes me happy, can only hope at least 1 other person appreciates it, keep the tradition alive !!

03/13/17 10:52:07PM @marg:

(it's really just me having fun, )

Good for you & if you think you are making 'noise', it's a wonderful happy 'noise'

Estes George
03/13/17 08:38:13PM @george-desjardins:

Thanks @Marg ! Yes, it's really just me having fun, trying to learn "real" songs,But I collect, play them all, and it just takes me away.. Wish I actually knew how to play instead of just making noise..jive

 Dulcimer is the voice of Angels..

03/13/17 01:44:19AM @marg:

Nice sound & so different from your other tunes. Thanks

Jim Phillips
02/14/17 09:47:55AM @jim-at-gcreek:



Great sound!  Keep them coming.



Estes George
02/13/17 09:54:41PM @george-desjardins:

Well thanks, still working it out. You guys inspire me..

Steven Berger
02/13/17 09:52:52PM @steven-berger:

Sounds good!