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Jesse's Carol

Jesse's Carol

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I wrote this song many years ago on the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) about a woman I met on a street in Seattle.
12/13/18 06:14:34PM @elvensong:

Wonderful, Heidi. I admire your ability to sing and play so beautifully. 

It is so odd that we live in the same "neck 'o' the woods" and have never met. 

Heidi Muller
12/03/18 12:24:56PM @heidi-muller:

Hey Dusty, thanks for your thoughts on the song, I appreciate it. We're doing fine, just finished a weekend of gigs and came home to 8" of snow. Hope you and the River City club are doing well, too!

Dusty Turtle
12/03/18 11:01:48AM @dusty-turtle:

What a nice song, a nice arrangement, and a nice reminder of what a strong, expressive voice you have, Heidi. I hope you and Bob are doing well.

Heidi Muller
12/03/18 01:54:13AM @heidi-muller:

Thanks, Kevin.  

Kevin R.
12/02/18 10:47:03PM @kevin-r:

What beautiful playing and singing about an all too true situation that effects many. Good job, Heidi.

Heidi Muller
12/02/18 08:11:42PM @heidi-muller:

Thank you, Steve.

Steve Battarbee
12/01/18 02:24:05AM @steve-battarbee:

I really enjoyed listening to you song. So nicely written played and sung. Thanks


Heidi Muller
11/30/18 11:56:28AM @heidi-muller:

Thank you, Benjamin.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
11/30/18 08:02:49AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Heidi Muller
11/30/18 12:39:03AM @heidi-muller:

Thanks, Robin! 

Robin Thompson
11/29/18 04:39:28PM @robin-thompson:

Heidi, your song is beautifully played & sung and so fitting. 

Heidi Muller
11/28/18 12:45:46PM @heidi-muller:

Thank you, Ariane and Gordo.

Gordo in OZ
11/28/18 06:49:34AM @gordo-in-oz:

Great song well performed. I like it a lot. Thank you.

11/28/18 02:31:28AM @ariane:

Very beautiful voice and touching song - thank you for sharing,  Heidi.

Heidi Muller
11/28/18 12:54:22AM @heidi-muller:

Thank you, Irene. That's a beautiful story about your dad and your family. Thanks for sharing it. Would that more parents would set that kind of example for their children. 

11/27/18 10:44:21PM @irene:

Beautiful voice, beautiful song and message.  Here I am 77 years old and I want to honor my dad by telling what he would do often in the Thanksgiving month.  We lived in Sacramento, Ca and he'd go down to the "low part of town"....and he'd look for a man that was about his size.   He would bring him home and give him cloths out of his closet.  My mother was an excellent cook and we'd have our dinner and he would be our guest.  My brother and I were about 11 and 12.  I love my dad for doing his part of kindness for someone down trodden and give him a lift and a day of change.  God Bless my dad in the Spirit world now, Donald Carlisle Holmes.  Aloha, irene