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Yodeling Lesson 3. The Generic Yodel.

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:41
Build on your success from our first two videos! Learn an easy generic yodel.

1. High-dee-ay, hadel-ay-dee-oh

2. Huh-la-loo-oo-tee, Huh-la-loo-oo-tee

3. High-dee-ay, hadel-ay-ee-dee-oh

4. Huh-la-loo-oo-tee, Huh-la-loo-oo-tee

5. Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee, Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee,

6. Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee, Ay-ee-dee

7. Huh-la-loo-oo-tee, Huh-la-loo-oo-tee

8. Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee, Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee

9. Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee-ay-ee-dee

10. Yodel-ay-ee, Adel-ay-ee

11. Yodel-ay-ee-ay-ee-dee

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Caleb Dan Bennett
02/25/17 09:54:07PM @caleb-dan-bennett:

Love yodeling, my dad was a very good yodeler. Alas he past away when I was 10 and didnt get a chance to learn from him.

02/25/17 05:40:54AM @sam:

Sweet!!!! Hadn't heard a yodeler for many years. Had an aunt that could make the hollers ring here!