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Banish Misfortune in A

Banish Misfortune in A

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I've been working on Mark Gilston's arrangement of Banish Misfortune for a while. Today, I'm playing it with capo at the 4th fret because I'm charmed by the sound. It reminds me of a music box.
03/20/18 01:44:42PM @ariane:

You played it so good - I like the "blues" touch : )

Dusty Turtle
01/10/18 02:35:12AM @dusty-turtle:

What a cool tune!  And you play it with a nice bounce!

Brian G.
01/09/18 09:46:34AM @brian-g:

I've always loved this tune. Very nice Jennifer!

01/08/18 10:21:05PM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Robin and Irene!  It's a lot of fun to play.   I'm still working on getting it down in the upper register.   I appreciate your comments,  it's encouraging! 

01/07/18 10:11:25PM @irene:

very well played and a good tune for the dulcimer.  

Robin Thompson
01/07/18 06:03:14PM @robin-thompson:

Nicely played, Jennifer!