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Bach's Minuet in G Major on Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:23
Working on fingerpicking. A couple of mistakes, but after 8 takes, I'm satisfied, lol. Arrangement by Janita Baker
Mary MacGowan
10/08/17 08:36:38PM @mary-macgowan:

Very pretty and delicate playing, so musical, thanks for sharing this! flower

Cat Brown
10/08/17 04:07:58PM @cat-brown:

Very nice!

Christine Shoemaker
10/08/17 03:37:32PM @christine-shoemaker:

Beautifully played, Jennifer!  clapper

10/08/17 09:06:20AM @tumbleweed:

Very pretty playing.

Well done

10/07/17 10:56:57PM @strumelia:

Jennifer and Blondie, you both have not yet approved each others' 'follow'.

Please go to your profile pages and click on you big TAB that says Followers.  there you will see your pending followers still awaiting your approval.

Each of you should go here:

Hope that helps.  -Strumelia

10/07/17 10:38:53PM @jenniferc:


My request still shows pending,  but I tried sending a pm to you anyway,  and it looks on my end that it has gone through. 

10/07/17 10:24:36PM @blondie:

Jennifer I sent a message to you earlier today, but do not see it here??? Anyway here goes again.  I would be thrilled to meet up with you and play.  I don't know of any other dulcimer players in the West/Waco area.  I requested to follow you, but it is still pending even after 24 hours???  I thought we could private message that way.

10/07/17 04:03:37PM @blondie:

Of course we can get together and play!  There must be others that play dulcimer who live nearby, but I haven't found them yet.  So please private message me and let's start planning a get together!

10/06/17 06:34:35PM @jenniferc:

Blondie, thank you!   

How great!  We are practically neighbors!  I stop in West for kolaches every time I go through,  lol.  Maybe we could get together and play sometime.

10/06/17 05:52:03PM @blondie:

Thank you.  Very lovely.  I noticed that you are from Temple, TX.  I am just down the road from you at West!

10/06/17 05:30:25PM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Bob and Dusty! :)

Dusty,  sorry to dredge up those awful memories,  lol.  The soundboard is quilted maple.  Back and sides are curly cherry.  I'll agree with you,  it's gorgeous!  :)

10/06/17 01:35:24PM @bob:

So beautiful. I love the warm tone of your dulcimer and the grace in which you play it. Sounds very peaceful.

Dusty Turtle
10/06/17 01:18:35AM @dusty-turtle:

I really enjoyed listening to this even though it brought back unpleasant child memories of piano lessons. 

Very nice, precise playing. And what pretty wood your soundboard is made of! What is that?