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Boys of Bluehill/Harvest Home on Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:29
Two fun Irish hornpipes played on my McCafferty mountain dulcimer. Excuse my parrots carrying on in the background! They want to sing every time I start playing. :) Arrangements by Mark Gilston
John W. McKinstry
06/17/18 09:18:58AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Enjoyed you playing and finger-dancing, especially with those thumb slides.

06/13/18 08:14:38AM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Val, Gail, and Ariane.  Ariane,  I wasn't familiar with 'Off to California'.  That tune fits very well with these!  I might have to try to work it out!  Thanks! 


Gail Webber
06/11/18 09:07:15AM @gail-webber:

Wow - very nice playing!

06/11/18 05:45:43AM @ariane:

Jennifer - you played these tunes so beautifully and "easy" looking - but these tunes are really difficult to play!

In my former band we played these two together with "Off to California" as a set - I loved to play them with my tin whistle - they always brought good mood to the audience - like you did! flower



06/11/18 05:22:21AM @macaodha:

Two old favourites very nicely played.

06/10/18 10:57:23AM @jenniferc:

Thanks,  y'all! 

Dean,  well, I created that profile when I first joined fotmd. I guess I've been playing for about 5 years now,  and a year and a half seriously.  Thank you so much! 

Thanks, Gordon! I really love the tone of the McCafferty!

And Dusty, thank you!  It took me about a year to get those triplets nailed down,  lol.  

Dusty Turtle
06/10/18 10:35:47AM @dusty-turtle:

Wow!  That's superb, @jenniferc! I tried to work out Harvest Home a while back but never got those four triplets in a row smooth enough. You've really got it going here.  Nice job!

Gordon Hardy
06/10/18 10:09:37AM @gordon-hardy:

Beautiful playing and lovely sounding instrument Jennifer. Thank you for sharing.

06/10/18 09:30:16AM @elvensong:

Wow Jennifer! Your profile says you've only been playing for 4 years and just NOW getting serious about it? If that is the case, you're going to be a scary good dulcimer player! clap

I have played both of these tunes for years but never knew the names of the songs, thank you! You have a fine touch and you play beautifully.