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De Schvartse Khasene

De Schvartse Khasene

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A glorious klezmer melody of Polish Jewish origin. The Yiddish title means 'The Black Wedding': when two orphans were married the musicians traditionally played tunes like this one at the cemetery for their dead parents. I find the tradition extremely moving - bringing the dead into the celebration, but in a very solemn way.
John Shaw
10/25/16 06:08:37AM @john-shaw:

Thanks, Strumelia and Dulcie-Mer!

dulcie mer
10/23/16 05:14:19PM @dulcie-mer:

Beautiful piece of music.

10/23/16 05:06:50PM @strumelia:

John, how moving, and so beautifully played.

Steven Berger
10/23/16 02:48:58PM @steven-berger:

No, John. My father had passed away some years before. I just wanted to follow tradition and have him a part of the wedding. He probably knew the tune...he loved klezmer music. Thanks for asking.



John Shaw
10/23/16 09:54:37AM @john-shaw:

Thankyou Steven.  That's very interesting about the tune for your father at your wedding.  Was it a tune that he knew and requested?

Steven Berger
10/22/16 06:20:53PM @steven-berger:

Thanks, John...beautifully played. When I got married to my 2nd wife, we played a melody similar to this one at our wedding for my father (he came from Poland).



John Shaw
10/22/16 12:11:31PM @john-shaw:

Thankyou Lexie!

Lexie R Oakley
10/22/16 12:03:36PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Beautiful John, interesting tradition.

John Shaw
10/22/16 11:52:24AM @john-shaw:

Thanks very much, Val.  I love this tune, and many other klezmer tunes.  A lot of klezmer tunes are'out of bounds' on MD because we haven't got all the relevant notes on the fretboard, but this one sits fairly nicely on MD.

10/22/16 10:07:24AM @macaodha:

John, Beautiful tune and beautiful story, Dulcimer playing at it's very finest.