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Bachelor's Hall

Bachelor's Hall

style or instrument: Folk

musician/member name: jost

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I recorded this traditional from Jean Ritchies Dulcimer Book on my dulcimer in CGF tuning. 
05/18/21 05:22:48PM @jost:

Thanks for your nice words.
I noticed that I have less issues with singing when I'm picking songs with thumb strums. 
This technique don't work for every song though. 

For everybodys who cares here the lyrics:

Oh hard is my fortune and hard is my fate,
Controlled by my mother so early and late,
And when I get married just to end all the strife,
Controlled by a man for the rest of my life.

O, young men go a-courtin' they dress up so fine,
They cheat the girls up, that is all their design;
They'll titter, they'll tatter, they'll laugh and they'll lie,
They'll cheat the girls up till they're ready to die.

When young men go a-courtin' they stay up all night,
Get out in the mornin' and look like a sight;
They saddle their horses, they rock and they reel,
Dag-gone them old girls, how sleepy I do feel!

O, bachelor's hall it is bound to be best,
Get drunk or stay sober, lay down take your rest,
No woman to scold you, no children to bawl,
So happy is the man that keeps bachelor's hall.

05/17/21 01:20:39PM @strumelia:

I love this.  

Robin Thompson
05/17/21 08:47:30AM @robin-thompson:

Jost, this has an ancient feel to it-- nicely played & sung.  Jean Ritchie's Dulcimer Book is wonderful to have!