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Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

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I just started learning the mountain dulcimer four months ago. I think this is one of my better efforts so far.
John Henry
02/21/12 06:35:51AM @john-henry:

Played lyrical flowing manner which allows 'you' to come thro' ! I totally agree with Val !


Karen Keane
01/27/12 07:41:04PM @karen-keane:

Great job. It was excellent and I can't believe your a beginner. Keep up the awesome work.Grin.gif

John Keane
01/27/12 06:03:16PM @john-keane:

I'd keep doing what you're doing because it is working very nicely! Great job!

Joy W.
01/27/12 11:18:12AM @joy-w:

Oh, and Wayne, I'm playing a TK O'Brien Walnut Creek dulcimer with a double back.I really love it. In September, Istarted out with a Cherry/Spruce McSpadden and then picked up this instrument in November. The wider fret board took some getting used to, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I may be suffering from DAA (Dulcimer Acquisition Addiction) since I also now own a used (but like new) Warren May dulcimer that I bought at the beginning of this month. Promised hubby I'm done buying for a while so my focus has returned to practicing!

Joy W.
01/27/12 11:12:38AM @joy-w:

Oh my gosh, thank you all for your kind words! Trust me, there are a lot of sounds coming from my dulcimers that don't sound so good, but you've inspired me to keep at it. Until now, I hadn't really thought about the difference in what each hand provides to the music so your comments have been really helpful.(Just don't tell me left hand that is isn't doing anything too difficult because it still thinks it is!)

Grin.gif Grin.gif

Brian G.
01/27/12 09:34:37AM @brian-g:

Wonderful Joy! I'm looking forward to seeing much more. :) And I have to echo Phil and Dusty - nice right hand technique. Thank you for sharing.

Phil Myers
01/27/12 08:48:09AM @phil-myers:

Joy, your playing shows that it is the right hand that makes the music. Your left hand is not doing anything too difficult, but your right hand skills make the song sound very intricate and beautiful. Bright future of dulcimer playing ahead of you!

Dusty Turtle
01/26/12 11:15:54PM @dusty:

Wow, Joy, that is really good. I think your right hand is exceptionally steady and on beat and I like the way you mix strumming all the strings with picking individual notes and then doing arpeggios as well. Really nice work.