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Lonsesome Whippoorwill

Lonsesome Whippoorwill

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An original tune by me. It was inspired by listening to the whippoorwills calling after sundown in Muncy Creek, Kentucky where I grew up. I have no intention of copyrighting it and release it to the Public Domain.
Kevin Burns
04/04/19 09:15:55AM @kevin-burns:


Sounds wonderful!

Thank you 😊


04/04/19 06:20:29AM @ariane:

Sounds wonderful!

Kevin Burns
03/28/19 09:31:35AM @kevin-burns:

To all who commented on this tune--thank you nod . When I receive a comment on my iPad I am told to click on the comment back link underneath the comment but I never see one. So, I am commenting back here. To johnr, yes you need a fully chromatic Dulcimer. I am a big proponent of going full chromatic (why stop at just adding a 6 1/2 or 1 1/2 fret?). You can play anything which can be played on a diatonic Dulcimer and a whole lot more. For example: Dust in the Wind by Kansas--including the violin solo!

03/27/19 11:03:53PM @johnr:

I enjoyed that a lot.   Does the tune require a fully chromatic dulcimer?

03/27/19 07:30:14PM @elvensong:

Yay for originals! Very relaxing tune Kevin. Thanks for sharing! 

Steven Berger
03/27/19 07:02:26PM @steven-berger:

Nice tune, Kevin! 

Robin Thompson
03/27/19 04:45:19PM @robin-thompson:

Kevin, your play is pretty and your tune is soothing.  Nicely done!