Kevin Burns


Location: Red Boiling Springs, TN
Country: US

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A Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm

A Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm

style or instrument: Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: Kevin Burns

streams: 66

Kevin Burns
09/14/15 06:52:46PM @kevin-burns:

By the way, it's in the DAD' tuning.

Annie Deeley
09/14/15 06:24:44PM @annie-deeley:


Kevin Burns
09/13/15 05:52:16PM @kevin-burns:

It's a fully chromatic Kurt Simerman dulcimer with a butternut sound board, cherry back and sides and a resonator back.

Kevin Burns
09/13/15 05:50:22PM @kevin-burns:

Thank you

Annie Deeley
09/13/15 05:21:35PM @annie-deeley:

What kind of dulcimer/VSL/tuning, please? Lovely sound and playing!

Kevin Burns
09/05/15 12:39:12PM @kevin-burns:

Thank you

Charles Thomas
08/21/15 09:34:49PM @charles-thomas:

Kevin, Loved it!! I was playing rhythm on my desk!!

Lexie R Oakley
08/11/15 01:16:46PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really enjoy hearing you play this song Kevin.