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When the Saints Go Marching in the Daycare

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Patty from Virginia
04/15/12 05:54:44PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wendy, I think you and Anna did a great job. Once they started to play they got into it. I agree you do have to child proof the instruments as best you canGrin.gif I do know one thing. You've given them a gift of your time and music. That is special to them. They may not express it but they do appreciate it and they'll have that memory for the rest of their livesSmile.gif

04/15/12 08:39:22AM @sam:

... but ... when you leave the building to go home for the day ... don't you feel GREAT! Seriously, these encounters must be very rewarding. I love what you are doing.Smile.gif

Karen Keane
04/14/12 01:52:44PM @karen-keane:

Great job Wendy, I enjoyed both of the tunes. The kids really seemed to have fun, it brought a smile to my face.

John Keane
04/14/12 08:29:36AM @john-keane:


Macy Jayne
04/14/12 06:39:40AM @macy-jayne:

Thanks everyone, I just got up from 9 hours sleep and feel recovered from dulcimer daycare. That's why I only rent kids. Thanks for the lyric suggestions and pick uni-color Dusty. I said to Anna afterwards that if I get anymore dulcimers they will have to be like the 2 straight-sided ones I have because they have zither pins and the kids couldn't crank on them. Anna's dulcimer was the hourglass that the kids cranked on and dropped, etc. The boy that dropped his like a rock to fight over the green pick later asked if he could use my dulcimer. Ah, that's a No...

Dusty Turtle
04/14/12 02:31:42AM @dusty-turtle:

Maybe zither pins would be better than tuners on kids' dulcimers. Then they couldn't "crank" on 'em. And obviously, all the picks have to be the same color to avoid conflict.

But . . . everyone does great once you get them to settle down and concentrate! Nice job.

It makes me want to sing:

Oh when the kids all strum along

Oh when the kids all strum along

Then you're really making music

When the kids all strum along.