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Country: GB

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Paul Crocker
10/09/14 12:15:51PM @paul-crocker:
Thanks everyone. Still trying to get used to recording myself on iPad! Very lucky to have several dulcimers by some chap called John Crocker! Cheers Paul.
Helen Seiler
10/08/14 05:06:46AM @helen-seiler:

This is a beautiful rendition Paul. I have added it to my Favourites in hope of copying some of your method for my next fingerpicking project. Thanks for sharing it with us.

John Keane
10/02/14 07:10:56AM @john-keane:

Nice sound, and nice job!

Rob N Lackey
10/01/14 08:26:53PM @rob-n-lackey:

Good job, Paul.

Robert L. Porter, Jr.
09/30/14 10:37:00PM @robert-l-porter-jr:

Hey, That was good. Pretty song.

09/30/14 09:33:53PM @strumelia:

Very lovely playing, Paul!

Kevin Messenger
09/30/14 07:17:47PM @kevin-messenger:

Nice playing Paul, Your dad has taught you well. Jh it is nice to have someone to carry on the tradition. well done. Cheers Kevin.

John Henry
09/30/14 05:49:00PM @john-henry:

I think it possible that I may have heard you play that before !!!


(you've managed 'a first' over me, I have'nt posted anything of mine which was played outside ! 41.gif )

Patty from Virginia
09/30/14 03:28:16PM @patty-from-virginia:

Nice playing Paul. It seems someone may have recorded you without you knowing? I was hoping the videographer could have got a bit closerSmile.gif

Ken Backer
09/30/14 02:42:01PM @ken-backer:

Good playing there, Paul

Paul Killian
09/30/14 01:43:16PM @paul-killian:
Nice, Paul. That sounds good.
Guy Babusek
09/30/14 12:29:06PM @guy-babusek:
Nicely plaid, John!