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Amazing Grace

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Hey, John Henry! Happy Belated Birthday (we've been on the road). This might be kind of hard to listen to with two of us hammering away on the melody, but you did request another tune from Fiona, and she was happy (and fearless) to oblige. All I can say is-"We honestly tried!" Sorry I couldn't get the instrument in there--we are huddled around the built-in camera (so that Fiona could read the words on the screen), and there was no place to put the mic except on the computer desk.
Patty from Virginia
06/08/15 09:58:00PM @patty-from-virginia:

Absolutely lovely!!!

Ken Backer
06/06/15 06:55:42PM @ken-backer:

Rick, you and your daughter make beautiful music together. Loved it!Grin.gif

Lexie R Oakley
06/06/15 12:57:05PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Rick you and your daughter make a beautiful duet. Fiona has a beautiful voice.41.gif

We love seeing you both perform together.113.gif

Robin Thompson
06/06/15 11:09:27AM @robin-thompson:
Rick, this is wonderful-- please let Fiona know!I'm a big believer in the power of homemade music-- it can bring such joy in a family to share music together.
John Henry
06/06/15 04:14:07AM @john-henry:
Afterthought to the above ! I read somewhere this week that this was a favourite of Jean Richie, who also shared singing and the dulcimer with her father. Keep at it Rick, for "from little acorns..............."John
John Henry
06/06/15 02:39:26AM @john-henry:
Thank you Fiona, that was well worth the wait ! And thank you also for singing in such a manner as to allow the supporting musician time to provide a really solid accompliment !!!can't wait for the next oneJohnH
Rick Kennedy
06/06/15 02:09:39AM @rick-kennedy:

Forgot to add--odd choice for a song for a dedication, but Fiona had to sing this as a cantor in church--gotta work with what you've got!