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Dvorak: New World Symphony - Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:04:18
Largo from Antonin Dvořák's Symphony #9, "From the New World," played on chromatic mountain dulcimer by Sam Edelston. The tune is often called "Goin' Home," after some lyrics that were put to it by one of the composer's students.

Dulcimers are a natural instrument for all kinds of music, even though they're usually associated with folk music. (In general, you're more likely to find me playing rock on one.) They're much easier to learn and play (and afford) than guitars. I believe that dulcimers belong in mainstream music, and I make these videos to show that to the world.

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Dvořák composed this in 1893, when he was living in New York and longing for his native Bohemia.

According to Casey Kasem , Paul Simon's hit song, Kodachrome, was originally conceived with a working title of "Going Home," but he thought that would be too conventional. Two weeks after Kodachrome came out, the Osmonds released a single titled "Goin' Home," which made the Top 40.

Baritone dulcimer built by Dwain Wilder, tuned AEA. Played in the key of A, and plugged into a Hall of Fame 2 reverb pedal.
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