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Dulcimer music for a beginner

Just starting to play the dulcimer. Can anyone recommend where I can find beginner music? Thanks, Bruce
@bruce started 3 weeks ago - replies: 5

Who makes the widest fretboards? 1.5" or wider?!

Hi everyone! Thanks for adding me to FOTMD. You could say I have very fat fingers when fretting, and improving technique and finger strength will...
@gail-a started 2 years ago - replies: 8

Do I need that fourth string?

Jessica Comeau says in her Dulcimer Lesson 1 to take it off, so I did. Then I watch Stephen Seifert demonstrating his Dulcimer School stuff and he...
@ConnorC started 3 years ago - replies: 32

Noter Drone Method Book

Hi folk, I’m completely new to the dulcimer and would like to learn noter drone style playing. Can you recommend a good tutor book / method book...
@Knobby started 3 months ago - replies: 3

Sometimes missing the melody string when I strum

Hello all. Beginner Mountain Dulcimer player. As I practice I find I am having a lot of problems, but top of the list is my tendency to often miss...
@DavidG started 3 months ago - replies: 5

Tab Paper

Does anyone know where I can find a sheet of blank, three-line Tab paper?  I've searched, but all I can find is paper with the three-line Tab...
@ceilidhdog started 3 months ago - replies: 2

Stainless-wound or phosphor bronze-wound bass string

Can someone explain to me the difference, if any, between these strings?  Thanks in advance.
@ceilidhdog started 4 months ago - replies: 10
Learning Always

Dulcimer ergonomics?

I am still at the beginner stages with the mountain dulcimer, and I am loving the journey. I am hoping that someone has tips on Dulcimer ergonomics...
@Learning Always started 2 years ago - replies: 9

Electronic Tuners / Reference Note

Don't have access to a piano or keyboard so I'm looking for a tuner.  Where does one get a tuner that displays frequency?  The ENO ET-3000 I have...
@kkimura started 4 months ago - replies: 9

Tuning tip

 You will need a tuner that displays frequency. There are a number of them for cellphones online if needed. When tightening, the approximate...
@Skip started last year - replies: 0

New player :)

Hello,  I'm mark and I'm 33 from the uk. I have just ordered my first dulicmer, I'm exited to learn to play it. I'm interested in the...
@markprewett28 started 2 years ago - replies: 7

From Ionian to Mixolydian

I'm trying out Mixolydian (going from CGG to CGC).  However, this of course causes a flat note at the 6th fret.  I don't have a 6+ fret.  I know...
@RoyB started 6 months ago - replies: 20

Ken Hulme's "I Just Got a Dulcimer, Now What?" article

A few years ago, member Ken Hulme wrote an article that helps answer many questions that new dulcimer owners have.  Are you a beginner player? You...
@Strumelia started 5 years ago - replies: 6

Length of commercial straps

I am in the process of weaving a strap for my first mountain dulcimer.  It will have a 26" VSL.  I was hoping someone here could measure the...
@TheresaSC started 9 months ago - replies: 16

How should I tune?

"I'm confused as to what tuning I should use , everyone uses different it seems , any ideas what tuning is best for a new player , thanks ? "
@markprewett28 started 2 years ago - replies: 26
Canadian Dulcimer Boy

Tuning issue (including breaking a string)

Hi all, I recently got an old dulcimer and have had a ton of fun learning to play it. However, sometimes when I tune back up to DAD from CGC I hear...
@Canadian Dulcimer Boy started 10 months ago - replies: 3

Should a beginner buy this 6-string dulcimer/epinette?

Hello all ! I am brand new to the world of dulcimers, and would love to pick your brains if you have a minute. I'm considering buying this...
@Aska started 2 years ago - replies: 11

Pick Advice Needed

I am a folk guitar player who uses bare fingers or thumb and finger pick - rarely strumming and never with a flat pick.  So as I start to learn to...
@RoyB started 2 years ago - replies: 23

Term definitions please: chromatic & diatonic

I do not understand what diatonic vs chromatic means.  I would also like to understand and know the purpose of a capo.  I've googled and still...
@Buckskinbelle started 2 years ago - replies: 15
Greg Patterson

Good sources/materials for lap cloths?

What's a good source/material for a lap cloth to keep the dulcimer from jumping around? [As much fun as it is honing my Tai Chi skills while...
@Greg Patterson started 9 years ago - replies: 20
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