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Diane Mayfield

how to hold a flatpick

How should I hold a flatpick?  I've heard that the strumming/picking hand should look as if it's holding a dandelion gone to seed.  When I'm...
@Diane Mayfield started one month ago - replies: 2
Diane Mayfield

Which chord fingering should I use?

I'm using Mel Bay's First Jams for Mountain Dulcimers book, which gives the melodies of each tune (all in DAd) including tablature and chords.  It...
@Diane Mayfield started 2 months ago - replies: 5

Vsl vs hand size

I'm sure I'll be looking for a proper instrument soon, and wanted to know more about vsl. I understand that longer is okay for noter style, but...
@Lisa started last year - replies: 7

Left-Handed person playing right handed

I’m left handed, but have been playing right-handed since getting my dulcimer 2 weeks ago. I think it’s going ok, but I do notice that my right...
@ADKzookeeper started 3 months ago - replies: 8

Would like to finger pick.

While waiting for my dulcimer to arrive, I made a practice fret board with guitar strings. I had the strings set about 1/4 inch above fret board.(...
@Gennaro started 3 months ago - replies: 4
Diane Mayfield

strumming and picking technique

Hi!  I've been playing my dulcimer for about a year now but would like some information on how to refine my strumming and finger-picking styles....
@Diane Mayfield started 3 months ago - replies: 5
Michael Willey

Converting DAD Tab to DAA

How do you convert DAD tab to DAA?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
@Michael Willey started 11 months ago - replies: 8
Cheryl Johnson

What Happened to the Dulcimer School

Does anyone have information on what happened to Stephen Seifert's dulcimer school online? The site is there with lots of great information and...
@Cheryl Johnson started 8 years ago - replies: 40
Richard Venneman

A new dulcimer player with a 10 year “old” new dulcimer

I just picked my “new” old dulcimer. I am getting my music back after a 10 year lull. I also acquired a Yamaha DX-660 weighted keyboard and...
@Richard Venneman started 4 months ago - replies: 2

Timing/length of notes, and also foot tapping

Notes and 'time' I am coming back to playing after a very long absence (20 years or so). I have forgotten what the notations mean, i.e., their...
@Ferrator started 7 months ago - replies: 10

Rhythm strumming and fills

It seems every other dulcimer player I hear, even other beginners, seem to catch on quickly to rhythm strumming, and adding rhythm strumming and...
@YeahSureOK started 6 months ago - replies: 7

Strumming with arthritic fingers

Picked up my wife's dusty mountain dulcimer and trying to play it. Joined the group. It was a wise decision as the folks here are knowledgeable...
@oldmdpicker started 7 months ago - replies: 6

Different possible tunings

Hi all, I’ve experimented with some different modes (is that right? I’m meaning DAd, DAa, DAc) as well as those same relationship of notes in CGc...
@tpatts started 7 months ago - replies: 5

Possum board revisited

I have a McSpadden model SSWW made in 2003. SS stands for "sweet sound"! The company no longer sells this model but available as a kit. Their...
@oldmdpicker started 7 months ago - replies: 2
Marlene Powell

Question about A string loudness on DAD tuning

Hi, I'm brand new with this so am not sure whether my dulcimer sounds like it should or not.  The A string seems to drown out both the melody and...
@Marlene Powell started 7 months ago - replies: 13

Questions about buying a dulcimer.

Hi, I am a beginner and looking at buying a dulcimer and had a few questions. 1. What is the difference between a Elliptical Mountain Dulcimer...
@GwenS started last year - replies: 19

Out of tune bass string

Hi.  I began playing the dulcimer back in June and have noticed that when I get up to fret 7 on the bass string, it sounds sharp.  Could this be a...
@texaswind started 2 years ago - replies: 8

Strum all strings all the time, or...?

I found tabs for "I'll Fly Away" and "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie" - both in D for a DAa tuned dulcimer. They only show the melody.  Should I only strum...
@Pondoro started last year - replies: 9

Relationship of strings to one another

Greetings., all. My dulcimer currently has .011, .011, .013, and .024 strings. The strings work well together for a sweet sound, but I would like...
@tutaine started last year - replies: 14

Ken Hulme's "I Just Got a Dulcimer, Now What?" article

A few years ago, member Ken Hulme wrote an article that helps answer many questions that new dulcimer owners have.  Are you a beginner player? You...
@Strumelia started 2 years ago - replies: 3
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