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Cindi Zechman

Civil War Era Hymns

I have several old hymnals with hymns dated from the mid 1800's but that doesn't necessarily mean they were popular at that time (sometimes it...
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Ken Hulme

O, I'm A Good Old Rebel

...well, not me personally, although I do live in The South. This tune was sung to the tune Joe Bowers, a favorite of the '49ers. Edward VII, then...
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Clothes & gear when playing for historical settings

Thought I'd post this here to chatter about what we bring/use/wear when we go to gigs or gatherings in Civil War reenactment type settings.  It's...
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Great book with sheet music for REAL Civil War era songs

John and Elaine Masciale put together a book with a huge collection of sheet music and lyrics from authentic popular American songs of the mid...
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Mark Runge

The Bridge Burners of East TN

One of my students is doing a project on the subject, and he asked if there is any music from the incident, either civil war era or not. I said...
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The Joel Sweeney Early Banjo Convergence, Appomattox VA

I enjoyed playing the banjo and the bones at this event this past weekend! It was a real immersion in the minstrel repertoire, and good...
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William Mann

Aura Lea

Here's my chorded DAA rendition of Aura Lea. The song was published right around the beginning of the war, and was popular on both sides. In the...
@William Mann started 5 years ago - replies: 2
Patty from Virginia

Bonnie Blue Flag

This is a Confederate tune written by Harry Macarthy. It has the same melody as The Homespun Dress. Does anyone know which came first? Below are...
@Patty from Virginia started 7 years ago - replies: 7
Peter W.


As I had tabbed some German folk songs the last days, Ken Hulme asked me to tab "Morgenrot" and said that it was sung during the Civil War in the...
@Peter W. started 7 years ago - replies: 10

Antietam Early Banjo Gathering 2013

Of interest perhaps to those in this group who like music and history related to the 1800's and Civil War era- I'm taking a road trip to attend...
@Strumelia started 7 years ago - replies: 20
Rob N Lackey

Dulcimer during the War Between the States

Here's some food for thought regarding if dulcimers were played in the War Between the States. John Mawhee said he got the pattern for the "Indian...
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Randy Adams

Year of Jubilo / Kingdom Coming

What a good new group. We were needing something new to talk about. Here is a tune most people have heard, written in 1862 by Henry Clay Work,...
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Randy Adams

Lily Dale

Carl Anderton is a great banjo player who plays the old minstrel style. His version of Lily Dale is about as sad as it can be played & sung....
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Jack Ferguson

Hard Times, Come Again No More.

One of my favorites for the dulcimer, published by Steven Foster, 1854. Hard Times, Come Again No More
@Jack Ferguson started 7 years ago - replies: 27
Tom McDonald

Tenting Tonight

I learned two arrangements of this for mountain dulcimer from tab, but I had not looked at either for a few years before making this video in the...
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Rob N Lackey

Lorena and a daydream

Another "Warts and All" video. (Aren't y'all lucky to see the unedited junk I put out Here's Lorena on the John Mawhee repro Kevin Messinger...
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Frank Proffitt's Grandfather and Civil War Tunes

Frank Proffitt's grandfather, John Wesley Proffitt, was a southerner from East Tennessee that joined the 13th Tennessee Union Cavalry. He was...
@Banjimer started 7 years ago - replies: 3
Tom McDonald

Battle Cry of Freedom

This is widely considered tobe one of the greatest military songs ever written. Here is a capsule history from 1896 . Here is the...
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