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“Där Tjänade en Jungfru” Hummel

“Där Tjänade en Jungfru” Hummel
Duration: 00:01:10
Time for a little music. This is on my Swedish Bumblebee Dulcimer (hummel).
Steven Berger
03/27/20 01:36:04AM @steven-berger:

Very nice!

03/27/20 01:35:52AM @tssfulk:

You can see the hummel compared to my 1999 Warren May dulcimer in this video: 


Astrid Pullar, a Swedish master violin maker, built it for me. It's a replica of a hummel in the Swedish Music Museum.



03/26/20 08:54:12PM @irene:

that was fun.   We'd like to see the whole hummel and how it looks. Did you make it?  thanks for sharing.  aloha, irene

03/26/20 02:15:34PM @tssfulk:

Just a very quick video that I hid on our school learning platform for my students who are all studying from home.