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Country: US

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Joan Janowich
01/27/15 06:08:47AM @joan-janowich:

I have not been able to get into your website for 2 days. Is it down or is it just my computer?

Cindy Stammich
03/22/14 11:23:02PM @cindy-stammich:

Hi Tull!

I joined a group here - Call the Tune. I would like to put "White Creek Pass" on here. I learned it at a workshop you did some years back down in Union Mills! I love that song! I thought I would check with you to see if that's ok - I am not sure if it is public domain, and also since the arrangement was yours.

Let me know your thoughts pleaseSmile.gif

Thank you!

Keep strumming and smiling!Smile.gif


Jim Fawcett
12/09/09 05:32:43PM @jim-fawcett:
Welcome, Tull. Hope you like the family...
Bill Lewis
12/09/09 12:52:20PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome Tull to FOTMD
Rod Westerfield
12/09/09 12:00:52PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Tull ...glad ya joined the family.. I remember taking a class from you at Mountain View several years ago.. and enjoy your monthly tab posting.. hope you can share them here as well... we have many that might not be familiar with them.. welcome again..