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Solling - Hümmelke

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This Instrument was built by Adolf Hilke in the town Moringen in the Solling mountains between Hannover and Gttingen in Germany. Hilke built his first hummel in 1871. He and his son built 8 to 10 instruments which all but the first had disappeared. Now this Hmmelke was sent to me by a relativ of Hilke for restoring. The instrument hang on the wall for decoration without strings for more than 40 years. Great - it came to public again !!!
charlynne tuscany
08/29/15 05:17:28PM @charlynne-tuscany:

thank you Wilfried, what a nice history.

Doug Smith2
05/09/15 12:50:12PM @doug-smith2:

An intriguing instrument with avery smart string configuration. Beautiful song, Wilfried. Thanks for sharing!

Helen Seiler
05/09/15 05:26:34AM @helen-seiler:

This is wonderful in so many ways Wilfried. Beautifully restored, played and recorded. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Bob Reinsel
05/08/15 03:01:46PM @bob-reinsel:

Remarkable. That is a great piece of history.

Robin Clark
05/06/15 05:19:20PM @robin-clark:

Hi Wilfried,

That's a wonderful instrument and beautifully played Smile.gif Interesting to see that the scale starts from the nut. I have seen other European zithers like the Langleik from Norway that are the same.

You have done a beautiful job of restoring the Hilke to make it sing again Grin.gif

Lexie R Oakley
05/06/15 11:25:08AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautiful restoration Wilford. What a special and beautiful instrument, sounds lovely.

Ken Hulme
05/06/15 09:34:52AM @ken-hulme:

Beautiful job Wilfred. And a beautiful instrument you restored. Sound holes only on the audience side -- and so many! It looks as if the instrument is taller than it is wide. What are the approximate dimensions?

Ken Backer
05/06/15 08:55:40AM @ken-backer:

Wilfried, that is an amazing looking vintage instrument. I am glad it is back in the land of the living.

Cynthia Wigington
05/06/15 07:29:16AM @cynthia-wigington:

Absolut fabelhaft Arbeit dass Sie da gemacht haben, dass wieder zum Leben zu bringen.

John Keane
05/06/15 06:14:16AM @john-keane:

It's always great to hear a rediscovered voice from the past (nice playing, too).

Wilfried Ulrich
05/06/15 04:55:22AM @wilfried-ulrich:

Text at the end of the video:

Like this people could listen to "barn dance" in the spinning rooms of Moringen 1871 to 1910. After that the diatonic accordeon (or hand organ) came to the dance places and the dancer didn't want the hummel any more. Disappointed Hilke wrote on his first instrument:

You wil not come along any more / They can go to the organ and dance.

The noter is from wood covered by a piece of a feather from a goose. The pick is from wood too just carved flat to 1 mm at the end. both are original. It's not very comfortable to use this pick. I prefer HERDIM - yellow.