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DAG Old Joe Clark

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:09
Played on my 5-string cherry in the Dorian mode, DAg tuning. This mode and tuning are usually associated with minor key music, but not always.
john p
09/28/15 09:04:05AM @john-p:

Hi William,

This is another of the confusions that creeps in when talking about 'doh'.
Some take it as the start of the major scale, others as the start of any old scale.

Here I'm talking about a 'doh' that is the start of the major scale, which puts the start of the Mixalydian scale on 'sol'. That is, if you have the 'doh' of the major scale on the open fret you get the 'sol'(4th fret) as the start of your Mixalydian scale.

I did a 'Dulcimer Compass' a while back that will help you navigate around the different fret layouts. You can find it in my photos.

William Mann
09/28/15 12:27:33AM @william-mann:

John, the tuning used for this video yields a scale beginning on the 4th fret, not open.  The key is D (bass drone D, treble drone A) , the open melody string is G, and the D that begins the scale is on the 4th fret.

I will agree with you and correct myself on one point of mode: while DAG tuning is associated with the Dorian mode, my use of the 6+ fret makes the mode not Dorian but Mixolydian (in the same way that the use of the 6+ fret makes DAd Ionian instead of Mixolydian).  Thanks for the correction.

john p
09/27/15 11:15:53PM @john-p:

Nicely played William, enjoyed that very much.

There seems to be some misunderstanding of what's going on here. Don't confuse this with a standard dulcimer layout that has 'doh' on the 3rd fret.

This is being played on a non-standard layout with 'doh' on the open fret. This makes the mode Mixalydian not Dorian.
The tuning for the drones follows the usual rule to give DAG.

Patty - the usual range of notes with a standard string set follows the order :

G' A' B' C D E F G A B c d e

so the G is one tone lower than A.

James Phillips
09/27/15 07:35:26PM @james-phillips:

Robin, just a heads up, Phyliss Gaskins used a false nut under the drones on the first fret for minor key.

Robin Clark
09/27/15 07:14:19PM @robin-clark:

Lovely playing and a great sound! grin   The use of the 6+ pushes the tuning from Aeolian to mixolidian starting at the 4th fret.  I use this 4th fret position for mixolidian tunes on my Galax dulcimers from eedd tuning (or sometimes from EAd on a standard dulcimer) to give key of A mixolidian when playing at sessions (OJC, June Apple, Red Haired Boy etc are usually played in the key of A by fiddlers).  I'm pretty sure Raymond Melton and Phyllis Gaskins did the same.

Gail Webber
09/27/15 07:06:06PM @gail-webber:

Very nice!  I love it in that tuning.


William Mann
09/27/15 04:35:31PM @william-mann:

Patty, the melody is tuned down one step from standard DAA, from 1-5-5 to 1-5-4.  In reviewing other OJC challenge videos, this appears to be the tuning Randy Adams used for his outstanding noter-drone rendition, as well.

Lexie R Oakley
09/27/15 02:01:11PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Excellent William, I enjoy hearing tunings for good ole songs. 

Patty from Virginia
09/27/15 02:00:02PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's different. I like it!!! Is that the G below the A or is that a g above the d? I think if I tuned my melody string that high it would pop. In fact, that's exactly what I did not too long ago. 

James Phillips
09/27/15 09:06:42AM @james-phillips:

I'd never heard of doing Old Joe Clark out of DAG before at all.  Thank you for sharing! thumbsup