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Location: Leura NSW
Country: AU

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Unnamed Tune

Unnamed Tune

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Anne Bowman
05/02/16 09:40:18AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Steve. I really like Jessica's stuff.. I dod renaissance and baroque Dance for about 25 years. Maybe it rubbed off in more ways than I was aware...

Steve Battarbee
04/27/16 06:35:40PM @steve-battarbee:

Anne that's really lovely and I agree with Rob about the medieval feel.If you want more inspiration in that direction you should check out a cd by Jessica Comeau called Songs of the Earthly Pilgrimage.You can also get it via iTunes

Anne Bowman
04/19/16 09:28:03AM @anne-bowman:

Gee, thanks for all the kind words, everyone. This one has certainly generated more comments than the 'Jonathan' tune ...

Ben Barr Jr
04/19/16 06:34:19AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

I can't say much here, other than it's lovely.  I named my one and (so far) only song Matagamon Jig, as this was where I was located with my summer job working for the Boy Scouts with Maine High Adventure.  It just happened to be where I was while I fiddled with some fingering on the fret board that came together and sounded nice (at least to me.)

Nice job Anne.

Rob N Lackey
04/19/16 06:13:32AM @rob-n-lackey:

Anne, that does sound very medieval; I can see the Lord and Ladies in the great hall of a castle dancing a Sarabande.  There's you a title (if you want it:) Leura Sarabande.

I tend to more spontaneous than Dusty in titling tunes.  The title is based on what they say to me at the moment of composition, or just before.  For example, I was actually drinking green tea on a rainy morning when the tune of that name gelled.  I had been trying to emulate Richard Farina and was kind of thinking about Jerry Rockwell's "Hennessy Free" when I finalized the Prelude in homage to Jerry.  Dance of the Cabbages (Minuet) is the 2nd part of that suite.  Bet no one can guess what that's base on.  LOL.


Anne Bowman
04/19/16 04:16:21AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Dusty. That's a good idea.

Dusty Turtle
04/19/16 04:12:17AM @dusty:

 Anne, if you are going to continue writing instrumentals, might I suggest that you start to create a list of possible titles? When you hear a phrase or a couple of words that might be really evocative, write them down. Then when you write a tune, you can try to match the tune to a title off your list.

Anne Bowman
04/19/16 04:08:25AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Lexie. I need to do lots more work on strumming generally, though ....


Lexie R Oakley
04/18/16 11:18:48AM @lexie-r-oakley:

I love your picking and strumming assortment in this tune, Very beautiful Anne. clapper

I think we all need to come up with a name, it is somber, but at the same time meditative.

Anne Bowman
04/18/16 10:14:27AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Gail.


Gail Webber
04/18/16 09:56:22AM @gail-webber:

Very nice, Anne! 

Anne Bowman
04/18/16 09:04:35AM @anne-bowman:

Thank you for all the positive feedback everyone. I'm feeling quite chuffed now... I have a friend who finds that one a bit sombre and prefers the Jonathan tune ... Horses for courses i guess. I've just had such a lovely time with this instrument over this dulcimer journey - I think around 20 months or so now... Thanks..

04/18/16 08:59:38AM @strumelia:

That's really really beautiful Anne.  inlove

Steven Berger
04/18/16 08:26:54AM @steven-berger:

Very nice!




Salt Springs
04/18/16 07:40:48AM @salt-springs:

thumbsup clapper      Yes Mam, that hit the spot this morning............very nice.

Anne Bowman
04/18/16 03:18:44AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Dusty..


Dusty Turtle
04/18/16 03:01:46AM @dusty:

Sounds like a haunting old ballad. Nice job!

Anne Bowman
04/18/16 02:50:33AM @anne-bowman:

Well, here you go from the land Downunder .... My second tune on FOTMD.... Feedback welcome ... I think ....