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Anne Bowman, Adrian Kosky, and Carla Maxwell
Anne Bowman
10/01/18 07:06:57PM @anne-bowman:

Well Terry, at least there are frequent dulcimer sessions there, on the same land mass... If that's any consolation. Adrian and Carla were just visiting the Blue Mountains here on holiday from Victoria. If they were closer, they'd have me pestering them to play all the time...

Terry Wilson
10/01/18 09:48:00AM @terry-wilson:

Can't help but smile at your fun.  Makes me want to drive the 100 or so miles to the nearest dulcimer club jam session.  

Thank you for brightening my morning.

Alan Thompson
10/01/18 08:52:15AM @alan-thompson:

It's just great to see and here folks making music and having fun thanks for posting the three vids.

Dusty Turtle
09/30/18 11:00:19PM @dusty:

How nice that you three were able to play together. Good stuff.

This tune is often played as a really fast fiddle tune, but slower song versions like this one draw out how pretty the melody is.

Cindy Stammich
09/30/18 10:48:00PM @cindy-stammich:

This was so much fun!!!!

Thank you for sharing it!!!

Kevin R.
09/30/18 09:53:14PM @kevin-r:

Very nice! Looks like lots of fun.

Anne Bowman
09/30/18 08:22:28PM @anne-bowman:

It was a great time, Strumelia, particularly when I started playing an irish piece and Adrian started to do bluesey improv, stuff over the top, Carla added in her stuff,and it just evolved into something that sounded fine ... I wish we'd got that on video, too...

09/30/18 08:10:32PM @strumelia:

Looks like a magical time, Anne.  flower

Anne Bowman
09/30/18 06:39:08PM @anne-bowman:

One of three videos filmed by Carla Linkous Maxwell, when she, and Adrian Kosky, visited the Blue Mountains this September. How wonderful it was to play traditional tunes with other dulcimer players! A first for me to have such a jam...! I had such a wonderful evening with these lovely, people...