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Location: Kingston, Michigan (in the Thumb)
Country: US

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Bill S


I'm wondering if, when building the box of a dulcimer, if kerfing is...
@Bill S 5 years ago - Comments: 5
Bill S

How many frets are really useful?

I have twenty frets on my old McSpadden, and so many in the upper scale...
@Bill S 5 years ago - Comments: 19
Bill S

Palette wood

Regarding palette wood, I know pine when I see it but am not sure what...
@Bill S 5 years ago - Comments: 7
Bill S

Bending Strap

The only metal bending strap I can find is 24 inches long.  Those of us...
@Bill S 7 years ago - Comments: 3
Bill S

Eastern cedar for a top

I'm about to build a dulcimer and I have some Eastern cedar (not...
@Bill S 8 years ago - Comments: 6

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Dusty Turtle
06/24/19 12:17:02PM @dusty:

Hi Bill.  Thanks for your comments on "Surfer Girl." I'm glad you like it.

01/10/16 08:43:12AM @pine:

Thanks Bill...I really like the Merlin. It's more comfy to play than strumsticks. Like you, I've been away for quite awhile. Time to get my MD back out and let her do some singin'!

Kendra Ward
04/26/10 05:52:59PM @kendra-ward:
Hi Bill,Thanks for asking about the Coshocton dulcimer festival. As usual I am scrambling around at the last minute putting the workshops together! :-) LOL!I have been seriously working on the workshop schedule and I hope to have something posted in the near future. Most teachers have already given me their workshop descriptions, I just have to figure out how to plug them all in the grid!I will try to post something to let you know when they are up, but you can still keep checking back with the festival website.Thanks again,Kendra
Rod Westerfield
03/20/10 11:29:53AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Bill... glad ya joined the family..
John Henry
03/20/10 09:18:02AM @john-henry:
Bill, just seen that you live in Michigan! I was at Evart in the early 1990's for the big hammered dulcimer event, loved it!!!John
Bill Lewis
03/20/10 07:39:41AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome from another Michigander to FOTMD Bill. :)
03/19/10 10:01:24PM @strumelia:
Hi Bill, it's great that you found us- welcome! :)