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Country: USA

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Londonderry Air played by Billy T Anderson

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Duration: 00:01:29
This version is a Joe Collins arrangement from one of his books. A very nice arrangement. Playing a 1999 Kurt Simerman Dulcimer with a Mahogany Top and Cherry Back and Sides . Microphone is a Shure MV51 plugged directly into an IPad for video. Tuned to CGC and string gauges are 12, 14 and 22. Jim Dunlop 1mm Black Nylon Pick.
Billy T
11/17/19 09:29:00PM @billy-t:

Thanks Christine. Now just need your video expertise. 

Christine Shoemaker
11/17/19 09:01:08PM @christine-shoemaker:

Sooo beautiful! heart   Thank you, Billy T!

Billy T
11/16/19 11:41:08PM @billy-t:

Thanks Irene!

Billy T
11/16/19 11:40:36PM @billy-t:

Thanks Ariane!

11/16/19 10:52:31PM @irene:

super wonderful.  thank you. 

11/08/19 04:53:24AM @ariane:

Great playing - and what a beautiful looking dulcimer you have!

Billy T
10/28/19 12:21:16PM @billy-t:

Thanks! Steven

Steven Berger
10/28/19 12:07:19PM @steven-berger:

Nicely played, Billy T!