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Location: Wichita, KS
Country: US

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Road to Damascus by Scenic Roots (Official Music Video)

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Duration: 00:02:30
Scenic Roots is Erin and Amber Rogers. Find out more about them at ."Road to Damascus" was written by Mike VothErin plays a David Beede chromatic MD.
Ben Barr Jr
02/06/14 10:09:44PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice job ladies.Smile.gifSmile.gif

02/06/14 10:02:16PM @teri-west:

Great music!!! Looking forward to seeing you at KMW this summer!

Chuck Moseley
02/08/13 08:36:20PM @chuck-moseley:
So cool! Fantastic song! You both are so talented! This video is so well done! Awesone job!
Rob N Lackey
02/08/13 06:04:18PM @rob-n-lackey:

Saw it already on Youtube and commented there, but gosh, it's worth another "great job."

Karen Keane
02/08/13 05:51:26PM @karen-keane:
Just awesome ladies! You both play well and I love the singing!! Just Great!
John Keane
02/08/13 05:27:19PM @john-keane:

This is TOTALLY great stuff y'all! Smile.gif

Dusty Turtle
02/08/13 03:07:30PM @dusty-turtle:

Erin, you and your sister make great music together. You are a gift to acoustic music fans everywhere.

(I'll leave it to the experts to comment on the professional-quality videos. That stuff is beyond my pay grade.)

Erin Mae
02/08/13 03:04:51PM @erin-mae:

Yes, chromatic. The song is in Bm and has an F#major chord in it. To get the full harmonies (which is nice since we're just a duo with fiddle as the second instrument), the chromatic is really nice!