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Location: Wichita, KS
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Dove Chocolates once told me "Music touches feelings that words cannot." It is something that resonates with me, and I aim to give others the experience of expressing themselves through music. If I can be part of your journey in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Visit my website at

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Erin Mae
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Created a new forum topic "Youth Dulcimer Club":
"I haven't been on this site for a while, but was reminded of it today and wanted to check in to let everyone know about an online Youth Dulcimer Club I..."
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"I love this! I was 7 when I got my first mountain dulcimer. :)  Now I facilitate a Youth Dulcimer Club online -- it's a place for kids to meet other kids..."

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Jan Potts
09/01/16 02:04:12PM @jan-potts:

Hey!  I just signed up for UNICOI in November...have heard about it for years, but it will be my first time to attend and I'm excited to finally experience this treat for myself!  See you there!

Nancy Barker
10/14/13 09:49:17AM @nancy-barker:

Looking forward to having you part of the Kentucky Music Week staff for 2014, Erin!

Marion Seaman
01/09/11 05:35:40AM @marion-seaman:

thanks Erin thats very kind of you.


Nancy Barker
10/08/10 08:09:26PM @nancy-barker:
Hi, Erin! Great to be your FOMD buddy!
03/17/10 01:29:24PM @strumelia:
Very nice to have you here, Erin. :)
Bill Lewis
03/17/10 12:17:07PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Erin. :)
Rod Westerfield
03/17/10 09:59:07AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Erin...glad ya joined the family...