I scored a Robert Mize dulcimer!! Have a question about the wood.

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woah, I live on Sycamore Haven Drive in Nauvoo, Illionis and there are soooooooooooo many Sycamore trees here.  hummmmmmmmmmm.  I'll be learning more about that wood FOR SURE.  thanks for the photos. 

Kevin Messenger
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Yep, that's quarter sawn Sycamore. Very often it will appear to look like snake skin.

Ken Longfield
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Another vote for sycamore.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Ken Hulme
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Ayup -- sycamore.  Not "bird's eye" which is a specific pattern, but as Dan see "highly figured".


joe sanguinette
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sycamore fer shure

Salt Springs
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Just found Folkcraft's website where they have wood sample photo's under Dulcimer building supplies............John and Dan are on the money.........Sycamore.

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John C. Knopf
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I vote for sycamore.  My Noah's Ark dulcimer is sycamore, and the color and figure look just like that.  Almost a fur-like appearance.

Robin Thompson
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Sure is pretty!  Mr. Mize made nice instruments, beautiful workmanship. 

Robin T
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Steven Berger
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I don't know much about wood, so I'm afraid that I can't help you...but you have one beautiful dulcimer there. Congratulations and enjoy!

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Possibly a highly figured sycamore!


Estes George
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I was amazed on my frequent searches on E Bay, that I found a Bob Mize, 2001 4 string dulcimer in absolute perfect condition, either very cared for or never played. The workmanship is amazing, but I have no idea what the top wood is, there was no info at all on the listing other than it was a 2001 Mize. 

 Please take a look at photos of the top and would appreciate any feedback on what you all may think it is, I've had several friends who have worked with various woods, but they can't nail it down. The most frequent choice right now is possibly birds eye maple, whatever it is, it's gorgeous. Great tone, yet soft quality.

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