How do I tune this Bass Dulcimer?

Ken Hulme
7 months ago
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You can also just string it as a standard dulcimer, and it will have a really deep, mellow tone.  The first couple hundred dulcimers I built to my own design had 3" deep bodies and with 28" VSLs,  ran 40" or more overall length.

Dusty Turtle
7 months ago
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A bass dulcimer is tuned exactly one ocatve below a standard dulcimer.  So the bass string of a standard dulcimer and the melody string of a bass dulcimer will be exactly the same tone.

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Estes George
7 months ago
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It's a big one, 44 inches long, 12 inches at it's widest, 3 inch deep body, 6 string, touted as a Bass dulcimer made by Milford Blevins, South Fork Dulcimers,Number 277. Looks to be very well made, no idea on wood, but all I've owned up to now are "standard" dulcimers, looking for tips on tuning this up, Will try and do a sound clip of it at some point, but I need to bring someone in to help with that, otr to be more precise, to do it for me because I haven't a clue!! Thanks all!

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