Playing Music improves brain power more than ANYTHING!

jeffrey charles foster
5 months ago
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always thought that to remember something there are many channels in the brain you just have to find the right channel to retrieve the information you are looking for.


5 months ago
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Nice information. Thanks for sharing it.

Robin Thompson
5 months ago
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Way cool.  Thanks for that, Strumelia!

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Dusty Turtle
5 months ago
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Thanks for sharing that video, Strumelia. We have known for decades that studying music (especially the piano) leads to greater abilities at abstract reasoning.  After all, when you play music you draw connections between the distance between two notes in tone, on a fretboard or keyboard, and in notation. Not a simple proposition.  And music is not static, so those connections are constantly changing. To be able to understand that is quite a remarkable thing.  Even playing a simple tune like Rhody or Cabbage involves a whole range of different types of cognitive functioning.

It's too bad music has been removed from so many school districts' curricula.  We are obsessively concerned with STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), but if we just mandated music as part of the curriculum, students would excel in those areas.


I've been passing on links to the video and the Huffington Post article. Thanks for sharing.

Dusty T., Northern California
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5 months ago
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Our whole brain thanks us for playing, nice info.


5 months ago
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This is so cool...

and more info in this article:

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