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I don't own a Ron Gibson dulcimer, but I've played two.  One was a Barbara Allen baritone of which I posted a video fingerpicking a quick medley .  The other was a used Jenny Lind model that I encountered in a music store. I played a couple of tunes on it and went back the next day to buy it but was too late; it was gone.

Ron's dulcimers look and sound great.  His prices are very reasonable for the quality of instrument.

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Hey Lorilee. I actually just received my 6 string Baritone from Ron a few weeks ago. I love it. His prices are very fair. The workmanship is beautiful. He is so easy to work with. The sound of my baritone is deep and rich. Because his prices are so good, don't cheat yourself out of a couple of upgrades since this will last a lifetime.

Mine is all walnut with gold Grover tuners and bone nut and bridge.

The picture is a little grainy and not great cause I took it at my office desk while I am working.

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Ken Hulme
Ken Hulme
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Ron made/makes outstanding modern-trad style dulcimers. Which one are you considering?  Have you checked out his website?

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Does anyone know about or own a Ron Gibson dulcimer? Looking for opinions/experiences/reviews before I seriously consider getting one.