How do I create a new forum discussion?

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Thanks Dusty, these instructions are very helpful!

Here's another image showing to click the "+" PLUS button to ADD a NEW discussion when you are in the Forum category of your choice:


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Dusty Turtle
Dusty Turtle
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Lots of people seem confused about how to create a new forum discussion.  It is easy.

First, within the Forum you want to take part in, click on the "+" button to "create" a new discussion.

Second, choose a descriptive title for your discussion. The title should have enough information that others can tell what the topic is.  Titles such as "Two quick questions" or "friendly advice" are not very informative. Instead, "questions about noter technique" or "how do I use a capo" are much more helpful. 

Third, describe your question or comments in the text box, where you can embed pictures, or link to other sites or other pages on this one, insert smilies, and more. 

Fourth, click "Create New Topic."

Fifth, don't forget to "follow" your own discussion to receive notifications when others reply.


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