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Unanswered (original composition) on Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:54
An original composition played on my McCafferty dulcimer.
06/23/18 12:49:30AM @irene:

YES YES, I did take that class and wished for more.  I JUST LOVED THE OLD PAL time and I figure I'm going to go every year.  I've been in Utah for our family reunion and just got back to night.  whew....almost ONE WHOLE MONTH. AND I was not able to be on a computer.  only my phone, but was with family and that's what's life is about.  I played my dulcimer with my husband playing the autoharp at everything we went to and at the houses we stayed at.  OH JOY.  Now how I wish i could be as you and post things on this site.  I so love your playing here.  aloha, irene

John W. McKinstry
06/22/18 10:36:31PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Very soothing. Your song and playing really bring out the sweetness of the dulcimer.

Cat Brown
05/18/18 10:12:29PM @cat-brown:

That's so very pretty, very calming...

Cindy Stammich
05/18/18 09:56:39PM @cindy-stammich:!!!

I close my eyes - and it carries me away......

Away from the craziness in our world, to someplace peaceful and beautiful!!!heart

04/27/18 07:33:08AM @jenniferc:

Thanks so much,  Irene.  And hey,  I think I met you at Old Pal this year!  I believe we took a Don Pedi workshop together.  Aloha!

04/26/18 11:06:40PM @irene:

More then sweet...very very well played.  Makes me want to learn to play this way.  just calming....good night, and aloha, irene

04/26/18 07:30:55PM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Dusty and Anne.  I've no idea how to create tab,  but it's on my bucket list,  lol. 

Anne R.
04/26/18 06:17:15PM @anne-r:

Gosh, that's just gorgeous! Let us know if you ever decide to put it to tablature!

Dusty Turtle
04/26/18 04:36:25PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty song.  Nicely played. Good job all around!

04/26/18 03:47:00PM @elvensong:


...your comment has left me with a big smile on my face! 

As did Unanswered for me! You play beautifully! bighug


04/26/18 03:30:31PM @jenniferc:

Thanks so much,  Dean!  Your comment has left me with a big smile on my face! 

04/26/18 03:09:28PM @elvensong:

This is wonderful, Jennifer!

You sure know how to milk some sweet tones from your McCafferty. 

I LOVE hearing original compositions on the mountain dulcimer! You have masterfully crafted Unanswered and it mesmerizes with its elegant simplicity. 

I look forward to hearing more from you! flower



04/26/18 01:21:13PM @jenniferc:

 Thank you,  Ariane!

04/26/18 01:02:56PM @ariane:

Jennifer - this is again so beautiful!  smile

04/26/18 11:18:49AM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Chris!

Christine Shoemaker
04/25/18 08:40:43PM @christine-shoemaker:

So peaceful...nicely done, Jennifer!  clap