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Remembrance (Original Composition)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:08
An original composition for mountain dulcimer. Tuning Dad. Composed and performed by Jennifer Chadwick. I hope y'all enjoy listening as much as I enjoy playing this! Thanks for stopping by.
Cat Brown
07/12/18 10:57:34AM @cat-brown:

This is just awesome!  I have played and played it.  So very soothing.  Thank you for sharing.

07/12/18 09:05:47AM @jenniferc:

Lisa,  that just warms my heart so much!  I had considered just playing it through once,  because it IS long.  I'm glad it helped make your computer time more enjoyable!  

07/12/18 08:45:04AM @strumelia:

Jennifer, I must tell you that I was so glad that this video was a whole five minutes long... because I played it like 8 times in a row the other night (true!) was so beautiful and soothing while I worked on my computer.  Because it was a full 5 min long, I didn't have to keep hitting the 'replay' button nearly so often!   lovey

07/12/18 08:30:38AM @jenniferc:

 Thank you so much,  friends!  

Anne R.
07/12/18 07:25:06AM @anne-r:

That's just gorgeous!! Really shows what the dulcimer can do.

Gary Sager
07/11/18 01:28:26PM @gary-sager:

Very nice. 

Lynn austin
07/11/18 12:29:14PM @lynn-austin:

Absolutely beautiful Jennifer.....

07/11/18 07:20:23AM @ariane:

So beautiful and soulful, Jennifer - thanks for sharing flower

Marc Mathieu
07/09/18 09:22:16PM @marc-mathieu:

VERY Nice Jennifer! That's a candidate for a movie soundtrack. 

Robin Thompson
07/08/18 06:30:59PM @robin-thompson:

Lovely and peaceful music, Jennifer. 

07/08/18 10:12:38AM @jenniferc:

Thank you all for the kind words!  flower

Steven Berger
07/08/18 12:41:02AM @steven-berger:

Nice song, beautifully played.

Gordon Hardy
07/07/18 10:34:24AM @gordon-hardy:

Jennifer, indeed this is so sweet and lovely. I did enjoy listening. Thank you for sharing.

07/07/18 02:53:36AM @elvensong:

Beautiful Jennifer! Wonderful dynamics. Great lighting too!  winker



07/07/18 02:07:30AM @hobbyhorse:

Thanks for that, I loved it.

Richard Streib
07/06/18 09:14:52PM @richard-streib:

The only word for this is Wow. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Dusty Turtle
07/06/18 09:13:56PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty. You capture the real essence of the sweet dulcimer sound.

07/06/18 08:21:48PM @strumelia:

Just lovely!

07/06/18 07:07:32PM @dennisg:

Beautiful composition, very peaceful & pleasant listening smiler