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Troublesome Creek

Troublesome Creek

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This is an original song of mine which is named after the creek which flows through Hindman Kentucky where Ed Thomas lived in the area and built his hourglass Thomas style of Mountain Dulcimer. I recorded it on my chromatic Mountain Dulcimer tuned to the DAD' tuning. I have no intent to copyright the song; therefore, I release it to the Public Domain.
Dusty Turtle
03/14/19 05:02:25PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice tune, Kevin.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

Kevin Burns
03/10/19 11:22:09AM @kevin-burns:

Thank you!nod

03/10/19 03:55:15AM @rachael:

Thank you, I enjoyed listening to this!  

Alan Thompson
02/09/19 04:36:30AM @alan-thompson:

Good work Kevin I liked it, keep the new music coming, all power to your elbow as the old saying goes.

Kevin Burns
02/07/19 04:28:38PM @kevin-burns:

Thanks for the positive comments. This is an original song which is the title song for my new CD project I am working on.

02/07/19 03:12:48AM @ariane:

Very beautifully played, Kevin!

Robin Thompson
02/06/19 05:51:25PM @robin-thompson:

I enjoyed listening, Kevin!  

I've been to Hindman & crossed Troublesome.  :)

Steven Berger
02/06/19 05:40:42PM @steven-berger:

A really nice tune played well, Kevin!