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'This Land Is Your Land'

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Duration: 00:00:46
American patriotic folk song, by woody Guthrie
.... played on a Gold Tone Dulciborn, Dulcimer
Helen Seiler
07/08/15 05:36:57PM @helen-seiler:

Nicely done are playing great...keep posting.

Ken Backer
07/06/15 11:45:55AM @ken-backer:

Nice job, Marg.  Who is there that can't keep from singing when they hear this tune.

07/05/15 01:52:03AM @marg:

Thank you, yes I play the dulciborn all the time at home but take my dulcimer to group. I sound a lot different than you do Christine, wish I could say it was the dulciborn but it's me. I did enjoy playing the different songs leading up to the 4th.

    The video is just with my phone but with the view I had, I was able to see my fingers and that's good to study and correct problems. I did see my hand position needed some attendion, it had gotten a little lax.

    I'm not sure if all my problems I had with the dulciborn are gone but I feel for the most part everything is good, except still the higher frets are still hard to press and end up unclear. All the help and sugesstions you, Frank and the other members were able to give me helped in setting it up. I can't say I liked all the problems I had in the beginning with the dulciborn but because I did - I was able to learn many things I would not have, if not for the trouble. All a journey, one I am glad I am on. Now, if I could just leap ahead and make progress in my playing.

Christine Shoemaker
07/04/15 05:40:36PM @christine-shoemaker:

Well done Marg!  thumbsup   I'm very happy to see you playing your Dulciborn!!!  Laugh

Lexie R Oakley
07/04/15 11:59:55AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you Marg, that sounded really nice. Keep up the Happy Strumming!evilgrin