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Village at the Park's Evening

musician/member name: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:01:58
This is one of the groups I play with, Thursday was our last performance of Christmas Music at the different Senior Retirement Homes. I am not very good at putting together several photos & videos to make one video but this was my try showing a taste of the evening.

Merry Christmas

01/06/18 12:06:07AM @marg:


Yes, it does look identical except for maybe the wood choice, like you Doris really enjoys her dulcimer by Terry. It plays so well and sounds beautiful. Terry is only about an hour away and she has been able to go out to his shop a few times. That, I think would be exciting.


Dusty Turtle
12/30/17 09:09:35PM @dusty:

Looks like a lot of fun!

I think Doris and I have identical dulcimers.

Robin Thompson
12/24/17 05:15:09PM @robin-thompson:

Marg, I enjoyed this!  And am sure y'all spread joy to those for whom you played.

12/24/17 01:27:07AM @marg:

Thanks, It was a puzzle putting the video together. Ha, thanks for asking which 'lady' I am - the older one across the group with white top & gray sweater. It's not the group I usually play with but some of us over lap and I was asked to join them play for the senior's open house. Doris who was playing the McCafferty dulcimer is the leader with the group I am with and this one. It was a nice evening. 

12/23/17 06:12:53PM @strumelia:

That's wonderful Marge!  and I like how you put it together.  Which lady are you there?

12/23/17 04:00:53PM @marg:

This evening we went through a list of about 40 Christmas songs, it was an 'Open House' we were playing for. Over the last 2 weeks or so, the different groups I am with performed at about 8 different places, with practices in-between sharing the gift of our music this Christmas Season.