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Short track demo of ‘Silent Night’

musician/member name: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:01:07
Working on recording, short track demo.
Dulcimer tuned DAd, sound patch created on the Boss GT-1 Processor

Some of the sound patches I have, I am having trouble recording them. I know nothing about recording so, if anyone has ideas on mic's or recorders or ??
I did this video on Photo Booth, I am working on learning Garage Band, I have a mac Book Air and using the GT-1 and a Boss cube amp, my dulcimer is hooked to the GT-1. I am thinking the mic with the lap top is not picking up some of the sounds I have created with the GT-1 - so they come out muddy. I have tried moving the amp in different areas & I have tried to go with hooking up the GT-1 to the lap top bypassing the amp - that didn't work at all. I have checked with a few - very nice people trying to be helpful but I am as lost on how to set up everything about as lost as when I first started to strum. I will get this but if you can think of anything to help me as I try to record...thanks
Robin Thompson
12/31/17 09:10:06AM @robin-thompson:

You did a good job, Marg! 

Ben Barr Jr
12/30/17 07:45:25AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice.  I like the reverb effect with the electric dulcimer.  It gives it another feeling or interpretation.