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'Farther Along'

musician/member name: Comedy
Duration: 00:02:09
‘Farther Along’
Music patch created on the Boss GT-1 Processor - using one of the sounds I made - played in DAd but part is played in A (on the middle string). A demo of a Music sound patch created on the Boss GT-1 programmable multi-effects unit and played on a large Heatherwood solid walnut body dulcimer.
01/30/18 12:48:18AM @marg:


Thank you, I like the different sounds I can get from the Boss GT-1 Sound Processor 

    With each new sound it's like having a different dulcimer, I also don't know much about any of this, I just keep working at it till the results hold up. It's a good way to practice, I can play the same music 50 times or more looking for the sound I think goes well with the feeling of the song & never get tire of playing the song since each time it has a different tone & feeling.

    Enjoy the dulcimer adventure, it can take us to places we never imagine


01/29/18 11:12:52PM @sbarnett524:

So different, I like the "effect", but I have no idea how to do something like this.

01/26/18 10:56:00PM @marg:

Thanks Terry, I do enjoy creating the different tones for the dulcimer.

Terry Wilson
01/26/18 08:25:21PM @terry-wilson:

That was sure pretty, Marg.  One of my favorites.

01/03/18 10:17:26AM @marg:

This is a re-post, seems the previous one was set to private or needed a log in - sorry