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Ukrainian Folk Song, 'Peace in the Family'

musician/member name: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:02:25
Dulcimer, DAd
Tab: m tallon chalmers 03/05/22
Sound created on a Boss GT-1
Robin Thompson
03/09/22 04:36:35PM @robin-thompson:

Well played-- the electronics give very different feel to the song.  

You ask many good questions, Marg.  Maybe we're never done with arrangements?    

03/09/22 10:29:35AM @marg:
Interesting question:

Below;  The O'Brien dulcimer, playing a simpler version of Peace in the Family:
  Going through all the different dulcimers & arrangements I played over the weekend to see which one, I should keep or  toss.  Is one preferred over the other or both different but the same? 

    How many times, as we are working on a piece - do we change the arrangements? How do we decide which one we stick with or do we always look for changes, as we continue to grow? Are they improvements or just unneeded add on's? 

🎶 ?