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Leaving of Liverpool

Leaving of Liverpool

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Go Lassie go

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Miriam Storz
02/05/24 05:11:14AM @miriam-storz:

Hallo Betty,

how are you and your houseband. Did everything well before christimas. I was so often thinking about you. 

We also had a very agitated xmas. My mum came into hospital at dec. 20th. We couldn't reach her by phone and was in panic. She seemed to had an intenstinal flu. We pleased the neighbours to look after her and they found she nearly dehydrated in bed. At the same day she had an operation because the intenstinal flu was finally a whole in the intenstine.
So she had a very bad sepsis by now. After the operation her kidneys failed and also she could not breathe alone and they did a tracheotomy. Unbelifabe, since a week, she is out of hospital and get better with every new morning. In two weeks she will get 3 weeks rehab and I guess afterwards she will be in better shape than before. Her 80th birthday we celebrated in hospital but luckily, we coult celebrate it, because she was so close to heaven. 

The upcomming weekend I will visite my parents together with the kids. We have carnival in Germany and the kids have two days no school. So we are looking forward to spend the missing now with the gandparents. 

Lots of love,
your friend Miriam

BJ Jordan
07/18/15 12:00:35PM @betty-bj-jordan:

Hello Miriam, I just got back on here. I'm not sure how to use this email here yet. I hope you get this and are doing well. How are you?


Oliver Ogden
12/11/14 08:18:50AM @oliver-ogden:

I enjoy your group on u tube ,I look at that site all the time

Rob N Lackey
10/16/12 10:42:03AM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Miriam, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven. Sorry I missed welcoming you when you 1st joined us. Lots of great players here, including many Europeans. Hope you enjoy it here.


Karen Keane
10/10/12 07:54:09PM @karen-keane:

Hello and welcome to the site. This is a great place to share ideas and listen to music. I hope you enjoy!

John Keane
10/10/12 05:19:03PM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to the FOTMD family!

John Henry
10/10/12 03:42:50PM @john-henry:

Miriam ! A welcome to you from the UK/European group within FOTMD, glad to have you with us, I am sure that you will find something to interest you here, a near complete range of abilities and interests !


Jim Fawcett
10/10/12 12:57:52PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Miriam, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Ben Barr Jr
10/10/12 12:13:36PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Miriam, and welcome to the world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.

BenSmile.gif Smile.gif