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I Don't Believe You

I Don't Believe You

style or instrument: Dulcimer

musician/member name: Nate

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I accidentally deleted this while trying to edit it several months ago. Learning computers feels like a task designed to make you dislike computers!
09/07/23 05:27:38PM @nate:

Thanks Ken. I wish I had more patience with navigating web pages but honestly I get annoyed too easily and dont pay enough attention to what I'm clicking on. krazyhair it's my own dang fault for always trying to rush through everything, but I've always been a bit too stubborn about computers. A very love hate relationship considering how much i rely on them

Ken Longfield
09/07/23 10:20:28AM @ken-longfield:

Pretty tune Nate. I sympathize with your experience with learning computers.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

09/07/23 04:39:20AM @nate:

Thank you very much Robin and Strumelia :)

08/26/23 07:56:56PM @strumelia:

Sweet piece!  music

Robin Thompson
08/18/23 07:56:18AM @robin-thompson:

This is one of those tunes which just grabs my ears with the beat and the playfulness.