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Jock Stuart

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:48
An Irish traditional song called Jock Stewart Steward or Stuart also called A Man You Don't Meet Every Day, played on a homemade plywood Appalachian mountain dulcimer with a pickup tuned to EAE.
02/22/24 07:42:07PM @motormike:

It's playing like that gives great inspiration to aspiring players.
Very melodious and executed like a pro.
Found Pogues reference interesting...had to go check my CD's.

02/22/24 03:11:15PM @nate:

Thanks everyone for all the positive remarks

02/22/24 01:23:11PM @davisjames:

Great song and playing.Always loved it.My favourite recorded version was by the Pogues,Shane McGowan in a duet with Kirsty MacColl...something about plywood,cardboard and birch(I'm sure there are other cheap woods I'm not aware of)..I recently bought a 1920's no name tenor guitar made of birch...not much sustain but does it ever honk!Many of the American made Kay,Stella  and Harmony guitars had the same quality.

02/22/24 07:46:21AM @strumelia:

This is so beautiful. Such a lovely dulcimer, you should be very proud of it. And wonderful playing!

Gordon Hardy
02/22/24 12:28:37AM @gordon-hardy:

I sure appreciate your playing Nate. Looks and sounds like you built yourself a dandy instrument.

Jim Dickens
02/21/24 07:58:40PM @jim-dickens:

Very nice. Great job! 

Robin Thompson
02/21/24 10:43:42AM @robin-thompson:

Nate, this is lovely-- your play and the sound of your build.