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Sympathetic Drones from Excess String Length Part 2

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:13
A homemade banjo head cake pan dulcimer that I added a small shim of plywood to, with noticeable effect.
04/22/24 05:32:09AM @nate:

Thank you very much Jamie. I think you are right about hammered dulcimer though I also do not play them. The extra string length on mandolins, arch top guitars, violins, ect is a useful point of reference for me to explain something that I don't actually understand lol

04/19/24 06:58:08PM @davisjames:

That is SO interesting,Nate.I think hammered dulcimers(which I don't play)work on that principle,but by dividing string lengths somewhere in the middle.I play mandolin and never thought anything about that felt on the cover after the strings crossed the bridge.I really enjoy your experiments with sound,design.