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Spinning Song, on 3-String Piano

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Songs I never expected to be playable on dulcimer. "Spinning Song" (Spinnliedchen), by 19th century German actor, director, and occasionally composer Albert Ellmenreich, performed on 3-string chromatic mountain dulcimer by Sam Edelston.

When I was young, a babysitter played this tune for my sister and me. My sister begged our piano teacher for it. (I got Für Elise, instead.)

Recently, when I was doing a bit of ear training for a dulcimer class, I used the opening bar of this piece as an example of "1-5." And, well, one thing led to another.

Dulcimers are a natural instrument for all kinds of music, even though they're usually associated with folk music. (In general, you're more likely to find me playing rock on one.) They're much easier to learn and play (and afford) than guitars. I believe that dulcimers belong in mainstream music, and I make these videos to show that to the world.

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The piece is performed here on my Folkcraft chromatic dulcimer, tuned CGC, and capoed up 3 half-steps. If tuned to the more conventional DAD, it would be in the composed key of F. My arrangement sticks closely to the original, with a couple of minor departures for fun. The dulcimer is plugged in, with a bit of reverb and chorus added at the amp. Played fingerstyle, with picks on the thumb, index, and middle fingers.
Sam Edelston
12/09/21 09:09:08AM @sam-edelston:

Merci, @Cristian-Huet! Thanks, @Marg


Cristian Huet
12/09/21 06:56:33AM @cristian-huet:

very good

11/05/21 10:54:57PM @marg:

thanks, looking forward to checking out your FB page

Sam Edelston
10/23/21 02:33:21AM @sam-edelston:

Thanks, Dusty! It never occurred to me, either, until a few weeks ago, when my hands were tied.

Dusty Turtle
10/23/21 01:58:46AM @dusty:

That's so cool!  dancecool I certainly remember playing this on the piano as a kid, but it would never have occurred to me to attempt it on the dulcimer.  Really nice!