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09/20/15 12:17:22AM @strumelia:

Glad to see you made it here.  :)

Jimmy Lamar
12/08/10 10:59:34AM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Scotty Lee,I'm a Mac guy too, and I have been fiddling around with Garageband for a year or more. Neither of us can fathom the potential of this great recording tool. What would your dulcimer sound like if you recorded a tune, and then duplicate the track? With Garageband, you can do that!!I bought a book that is Apple-approved, and the author takes you through all the different aspects of Garageband 3. It's almost like taking a class, and it comes with a CD. I can't think of the title right now or the author. If your interested, shoot a comment back to me, and I'll get you the info.JL
Carolyn Beaulieu
11/10/10 08:03:17PM @carolyn-beaulieu:
Hi Scotty, thanks for adding me as a friend. Loved ready your dulcimer discovery tale. I try not to let a day go by with out at least talking sweetly to one of my dulcimers...then lo and behold it starts talking even sweeter back to me... Grin.gif
Scotty Lee Shuffield
10/04/10 10:19:28AM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
I'm hating life today...I had to miss Winter Creek, this past weekend. Had other more pressing bizness that was not nearly as much fun as jamming with everyone and learning from all the special guests.I'll be there next year, for sure!Scooter
Dan Evans
09/18/10 03:41:48AM @dan-evans:
Scotty - did me meet at SAMFEst back in 2001 ? Dan
Dan Evans
09/18/10 03:40:37AM @dan-evans:
thanks Scotty - I intend to post some dulcimer teachniques from time to time - Dan
Flint Hill
07/31/10 10:50:13PM @flint-hill:
Thanks for your comment on Four Marys. I've always been a finger picker on guitar. We're probably about the same age given the dates in your pictures. My left hand took early retirement a few years back and I switched over to dulcimer. Decided to try finger picking on the dulcimer and it is going OK so far.
Scotty Lee Shuffield
07/17/10 08:11:38PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
This weekend, I've been kickin' around a coupla new "original" tunes...will still be a while 'til I get 'em fine tuned and recorded but I think they are gonna be okay! Stay tuned, y'all! BTW, the songs are called: "Lakeside" and "Runnin' Down The Road"... Will post them as soon as I can!Scooter
Mary Z. Cox
07/13/10 09:58:30PM @mary-z-cox:
LOLSmile.gif yes the Pix are easier to bond with than the typewritters.:)
Mary Z. Cox
07/13/10 02:59:50PM @mary-z-cox:
Here you go Scotty--my pix is beamed up--but I think I liked my pix of my book better.Smile.gif
Cristian Huet
06/24/10 05:41:51AM @cristian-huet:
thanks for finding me. it's cool here. all poeple say "hello". it's cool !... Smile.gif
Sue Simms
06/12/10 11:34:58PM @sue-simms:
Looking forward to hearing more " thanks for the encouragement " I do play daily even if its just for me ! my dogs do like it and they are not hiding " good sign
Sue Simms
06/12/10 11:27:48PM @sue-simms:
Keep up the good work You are a good writer and composer. I enjoy !
Sue Simms
06/11/10 08:56:58PM @sue-simms:
East Texas Girl sounds Great " enjoyed so much !
Sue Simms
06/11/10 08:50:12PM @sue-simms:
Great hearing from you. I'm starting to meet a few people to jam with and hope to learn from them as well. I practice a little each day and alternate instrumments.
Sue Simms
06/11/10 08:46:41PM @sue-simms:
Take care of that Baby Gibson ! I play and pic on it daily and take care to keep it in the case when not in use. I think its out of the sixties when Dad had gotten it. It is a J-45 model sunburst. Such a sweet, sweet sound. Since Dad has passed , I have it now and cherish it so. I practice on my other instrumments too, I don't play anything well but maybe someday I will master one ". I'm just starting to meet a few people to Jam with and hope to learn from them as well.
Sue Simms
06/11/10 03:03:50PM @sue-simms:
Scotty , yes its just fun Pickin and playing " I hope to meet others and learn more. I'am self taught, and yet have a lot to learn ! having fun doing it '. I have an old 60's Gibson Guitar. Dearly love the Guitar !
Bucko Futreal
05/28/10 12:12:45AM @bucko-futreal:
Hi Scotty! Appreciate the invite!
Bing Futch
05/26/10 08:54:50AM @bing-futch:
Hi Scotty - thanks for the comment! I've got Annie tuned to DAD on the far side and CGG on the close side - covering my two main tunings. Now that I've been using more chromatic in my music, I've been planning on getting another double, this time with chromatic on the close side. My first Folkcraft chromatic is a 25" VSL, but I'm going with a 27" for my next one (which I'll get in about a month) for greater sustain and depth of voice. Depending on which I like better, that will be the length I use on the double. Otherwise, I go with 27" for my standard VSL. The double is fantastic when tuned a step apart - you can really fill in the blanks!Best wishes of aloha!
Robin Clark
05/24/10 05:09:29PM @robin-clark:
Hey Scooter,Thanks fo rthe invite. I've just been listening to "East Texas Girl" and the tunes on your MySpace - Great stuff!!!! Grin.gif I want to come and jam!!!!!!!Robin